Individual Creative Family Dance sessions

Age: 3-12 years old child, +18 years old the primary caregiver, and sibling if applicable | Session duration: 60 minutes | Life skills developed:

Creativity    Interpersonal relationship skills       Decision making      Emotion management     Self-awareness

Age: 3-12 years old child, +18 years old the primary caregiver, and sibling if applicable 

Session duration: 60 minutes 

Life skills developed:


   Interpersonal relationship skills     

  Decision making  

   Emotion management  


When you complete 3 sessions, we offer 1 free hour of development through creative dance for a child with special needs from the ASPERA center.

Why should I choose such customised programme/session?

The family plays an essential role in the harmonious development of the personality and behaviour of children, of their self-image, as well as their perception of the world in general. Adults were also once children, and the way they felt in certain situations in the family and how they perceived the world at that early age is preserved in their emotional and body memory. Children have never been adults, but they choose us as inspiration and look at us as heroes. Therefore it is important and necessary for the adult-child connection to be explored in depth and facilitated by unique moments of connection through creative dance, games adapted to the child’s needs of development and conscious movement, which make this world much more approachable and friendly.

When should I come with my child (ren)?

This programme invites the adult to share a common universe with the child(ren) through activities tailored to their liking and language, so that they can relax and have fun. It is also very useful in the case of more delicate socio-emotional situations, such as the transition through a period of divorce, the appearance of a new family member or any cause that triggers outbursts of anger, protest, frustration, increased need for attention, isolation tendencies, apathy, need for courage, support and affection, high anxiety, or for kinesthetic or ADD children.

How does it work?

In order to adapt the program to the needs of the family, we will start by completing a questionnaire and have a first session to get to know each other better. Based on the initial observations, there will be more detailed discussions on topics/objectives that will be explored in the following sessions over a recommended period of 12 sessions in 3 months.
In the current context, the meetings are designed only for members of the same family (child, primary caregiver(s) and sibling if applicable), in order to enjoy an intimate and safe environment. When working with 3 people, the therapist might be accompanied by another specialist.

Who will lead these sessions?

Exploring a different space than the one at home, but also welcoming, our body language contains hidden messages that we can interpret together and find solutions with experienced facilitators. To find out more about Sorina, the founder of TMoves and Mihaela, our psychotherapist, click here.

What methods / tools do you use?

The methods used are varied and innovative, the TMoves programme being the first and only in Romania to apply the ‘Ways of Seeing’ method from New York, more specifically dance therapy, but also uses meditation techniques, mindfulness, mirroring, drawing and storytelling. The impact will be seen both in the family relationship and in social and educational environments.

Let yourself be guided by our fun games of movement and creativity for all ages and let’s see together what needs the children in your family have, what they want to convey especially through nonverbal language and how they relate in the parent-child relationship. The fear of not giving the child everything he/she needs is always with us, so an atmosphere free of judgments and preconceptions will help us get over any defense mechanisms and will allow the therapist to bring more harmony and unity in the family.

 Together we transform through movement!

I want to participate. How do I proceed?

The first step is to fill in the form below to get to know us.

Thank you for trusting us!

Individual Creative Family Dance sessions

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