Individual session of social-emotional development through movement and dance-therapy for kids!

Age: 3 – 18 y.o.  | Session duration: 1 hour |  Developed life skills:

 Self-awareness     Coping with emotions   Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Age: 3 – 18 y.o.

Session duration: 1 hour

Developed life skills:


  Coping with emotions 

  Interpersonal Relationship Skills

At 3 sessions held for your child, we offer 1 free hour of development through creative dance for a child with special needs from the ASPERA center.

Programme description:

Managing and understanding emotions is a difficult issue not only for an adult, but also for a child. The way the child will integrate and interpret the external inputs, accumulated with the internal processes will determine the way he will interact with those around him. In the first years of life, non-verbal language is predominant and its understanding is essential for the harmonization of the parent-child relationship.

Usually, parents turn to these sessions when they want to understand what information is revealed through the qualities of non-verbal language regarding the emotional, social, physical, communicative and cognitive development; or when children either move explosively and uncontrollably which can be harmful to both themselves and those around them, or when they do not move much and are secluded in their world.

The sessions start from play through movement, dance, being completed by drawing, modeling, mindfulness practices and verbal processing. Sessions are tailored to the needs of each family and the specifics of each child, as we do not believe in universal recipes.

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Individual session of social-emotional development through movement and dance-therapy for kids!

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