Individual sessions – Friendship Dance

Age: 15 years + |  Session duration: 60 minutes  |  Developed life skills:

Creativity   Interpersonal relationship skills        Decision making      Emotions management     Self-awareness

Age: 15 years +

Session duration: 60 minutes

 Developed life skills:


   Interpersonal relationship skills

   Decision making

   Emotions management


When you complete 3 sessions, we offer 1 free hour of development through creative dance for a child with special needs from the ASPERA center.

Why should I choose such a custom program?

For redefining what it means to spend quality time with your friends!

No one teaches us how to be someone’s friend, but you can learn from your loved ones around you about their communication and emotional needs. Moreover, the people in your close circle give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, because they mirror your own behavior and give you opportunities for development.

Whether you want to discover your friends better, improve your connection with them, explore your creativity, have fun while trying something new, or even do a choreography for an event, through the Friendship Dance program you gain another understanding about your friendship.

Who is it for?

Friendships are part of our lives because empathy, love, support, a sense of belonging and community are needs felt at any age. This program is therefore intended for young people aged 15+ and adults, who can come in groups of up to 4 people.

What do we do in a session?

Dancing is like a dynamic game; it changes and adapts along the way. As such, all the meetings will start by filling in a questionnaire to establish in the initial phase what are the needs and expectations of the program. At the end of each session, however, there will be a discussion between friends to reflect upon the discoveries that came to the surface during it, the challenges of friendship and communication with others, which can be addressed in future sessions.
Generally, we recommend 9 sessions in 2 months. When working with 3 people, the therapist can be accompanied by another specialist.
The location where we will express ourselves through dance: 20 Plantelor street (within the Aspera center)

Who are going to be our facilitators?

Exploring a different space than home, but also welcoming, body language keeps hidden messages that we can interpret together with experienced facilitators and with whom we can find suitable solutions. To find out more about Sorina, the founder of TMoves and Mihaela, our psychotherapist, click here.

What methods / tools do you use?

The methods used are varied and innovative, TMoves being the first and only in Romania to apply the Ways of Seeing method from New York, more specifically dance-therapy, creative dance but also meditation techniques, mindfulness, improvisation, mirroring, drawing and storytelling. The impact will be seen in the relationships with those around you, but also in the relationship with you.

Although family plays a key role in the harmonious development of people’s personality and behavior, friendships are at least as important. They reflect the relationship you have with your inner self. If you don’t feel very connected to your inner self, you can avoid getting close or even become dependent on other people by looking for the connection outside of you. Dancing will lead you to a better understanding, improving the quality of your social relationships and, implicitly, the quality of life.

Together we transform ourselves through movement!

I want to participate. How do I proceed?

The first step is to fill in the form below to get to know us.

Thank you for trusting us!

Individual sessions – Friendship Dance

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