Creative dance

Age: 3-6 y.o. | Developed life skills:

  Creativity    Empathy    Coping with emotions

Age: 3-6 y.o.

Developed life skills:



  Coping with emotions

Your participation in this programme supports the creative dance sessions for children with special needs at the  ASPERA center.

Programme description:

A programme for children that develops the creativity, self-esteem, body awareness and team spirit through creative dance. We will go in a journey into the history of dance, exploring different styles and movements (Rock’n Roll, Disco, Latin, Pop dance, etc) and in a journey of traditions and culture. This way we put the basis to create our own dance and dance group, expressing thus our emotions and inner states. In this class we use as well props such as scarfs, tactile discs, parachute, tambourine etc.

At this age it is important for children to have self-confidence, exceed the feeling of shame, shyness and create their own “performance” in each session. As such, there won’t be imposed steps, nor choreographies given by the teacher because we will create them together!

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