Creative Family Dance

Age: 18 + y.o.  |  Session duration: 90 min |  Developed life skills:

  Creativity     Interpersonal Relationship Skills       Decision making

Age: 18 + y.o.

Session duration: 90 min

Developed life skills:


  Interpersonal Relationship Skills

  Decision making

Your participation in this session supports the creative dance sessions for children with special needs from the ASPERA center.

Programme description:

Come and have unique moments of connection through dance and movement with your child / children, and to be together with other families.

One of the most effective ways of learning is to share your own experiences, and to learn from others. We will notice what our children need, what they want to say to us non-verbally and how they relate in the parent-child relationship through many fun games of movement and creativity.

At the end we will discuss as adults about certain challenges we face depending on the age group of the children, and how we can cope with them.


The workshops led by Ms. Sorina’s team brought delight to the children, and especially to the parents, who overcame the lack of time and interest in simple activities and who rediscovered the well-being during movement games. In addition, the connection between parent and child, being managed and different from the usual one during this workshop, brings an extra quality to the time spent together. I highly recommend these workshops / programmes dedicated to parents and children, because they are very well designed and reaches all types of temperament of those involved. Alice Udișteanu, Founder Happy Kids Otopeni Kindergarten

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