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“Creative dance is liberating,” say most of the people who practice it. In addition to the feeling of release, there are many benefits from this type of dance. And the good news is that we’re not limited to a particular location. We can dance anywhere, and in this article I will tell you how you can enjoy creative dance in the comfort of your own home.

1.Joy in the family. We still hope to spend the holidays with our loved ones. And what better time than this, to be happy, full of energy and fun? The holidays are not just about meals and watching TV, they are about connecting with loved ones and doing things together. Imagine a few people dancing each in their own style, in their house, discovering themselves without shyness and having fun — the perfect afternoon.

2. Your dance. If you will spend the holidays alone this year, you have serious reasons to energize yourself and raise your morale and serotonin levels. Dancing has this effect on the brain and you can read more about it in this article from Harvard Medical School. You can also use these moments of peace to go back to yourself through introspection. The rhythm of the music dictates our movements, and they take us to the state we need at that moment. Our body knows what it needs.

3. Our house is a temple. The body is the main home of our soul, and after it, our physical homes and the rooms that house us and protect us from the cold and danger are the places where we return to and gather at the end of the day. How well do you know your house? Are you connected to your home? Through creative dance, the space around us becomes our partner. Every corner has an energy and every object has a texture. Follow them, touch them and use them in your unique choreography.

4. Good cardio exercise. In addition to the psycho-emotional benefits, we should not forget the physical ones. After all, dancing is movement, and movement keeps muscles firm and the body slim. Creative dance helps prevent and treat many diseases and maintains the longevity of the body and mind, as we can read in this article published by Romanian cuisine can be a challenge for the body, especially during the holidays, so a dance session definitely helps with metabolic activity.

In conclusion, dancing brings many benefits no matter where you practice it. You can be in the ballroom, on the street, in the kitchen or in the shower. Whether you dance alone, with your partner or with the whole family, relax and allow yourself not to be perfect. Shake your hands and feet, make your heart beat faster, sweat, or just enjoy your emotions in peace. Anything is allowed. You’re at home for the holidays.


Managing emotions through dance-therapy and creative dance

Managing emotions through dance-therapy and creative dance

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