My dance story

Age: 7-10 y.o. |  Developed life skills:

  Creativity    Interpersonal Relationship Skills     Coping with emotions

Age: 7-10 y.o.

Developed life skills:


Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Coping with emotions

Your participation in this programme supports the creative dance sessions for children with special needs at the ASPERA center.

Programme description:

 A dance programme, where children will have the opportunity to tell their story or to express their emotions, inner states through a group choreography created mostly by them under the supervision and support of the choreographer. The choreography will be based on a fusion of styles (closer to modern/contemporary dance).

The preparation that comes before the artistic act per se (managing my emotions, the warm-up) is crucial for the performance of a dancer. Understanding it and applying it will develop perseverance, self-discipline and adaptability to any situation. Relaxation/meditation exercises will be included at the end of each session. In the class there will also be shared information about anatomy and how brain influences my movement and performance.

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