Steps for life!

Age: 7-10 y.o.  |  Developed life skills:

  Problem solving     Decision making      Critical thinking       Effective communication

Age: 7-10 y.o.

Developed life skills:

  Problem solving

  Decision making

  Critical thinking

  Effective communication

Your participation in this programme supports the creative dance sessions for children with special needs at the  ASPERA center.

Programme description:

A health education programme (within the meaning of care and self-care) with the aim to equip children with the life skills envisaged by World Health Organisation (WHO). Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life (WHO definition). These will be tackled experientially and creatively, using instruments from non-formal education and expressive therapies.

Guests from different areas (nutrition, healthcare etc) will be invited to share their knowledge.
This programme is split in 4 modules (8 sessions/module):

Module 1: Personal care (body knowledge, harmonious physical and emotional development through personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle, healthy sexuality)

Module 2: Social development (focuses on how the child interacts with others through personal development, cultural awareness, communication, social relationships)

Module 3: Community’s resources (what are the resources of the community we live in and how we can use them – where we go when we need a certificate, we have a health problem, we need to buy something, if we want to get involved as volunteers in community programs, etc.)

Module 4: Money management (children will learn to make financial decisions – notions about money, the capacity to develop a personal budget and its management, savings)

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