TMoves brings innovation in non-formal education through creative-experiential programmes of social-emotional development through movement and creative dance.


The creative and artistic combination of dance, movement, dance therapy, play and meditation contributes to the acquisition of cognitive skills and the harmonious construction of the learning pyramid, which supports the functioning of the central nervous system.

TMoves’ approach to creative dance is based on the Ways of Seeing method, developed by dance therapist Dr. Suzi Tortora from New York. In our experience of over 20 years in dancing, we noticed that the biggest challenges were more emotional and sensory ones. Therefore, we start by addressing the sensorimotor, emotional, social and then the cognitive systems.

Through our programmes, we aim to develop the 10 life skills endorsed by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the UN to cultivate and maintain mental, emotional, physical and social health: self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, creativity, interpersonal relationship skills, effective communication, stress management and coping with emotions.

Our mission is to offer children and adults those life skills that will help them to adapt to the uncertainties of the future and know their full potential!

We want to create the right context for freedom of expression and discovery of emotions through dance, but also academic guidance for the development of psychosocial competences.
The values that are at the core of TMoves’ activities are love, passion, respect and courage.

The values that are at the core of TMoves’ activities are:


Unconditional love for the world.

Passion  for everything we do and offer (also to ourselves).

Respect for the life experiences of the child, adult and family.

The courage to (re) discover yourself through movement.

Transform yourself through movement! 

We are waiting you at our events!

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