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Dancing is a way to feel free. Through dance, people can express their emotions when they go through hard or happy moments. I talked to Laura Andrei,  choreographer at TMoves, about what it means to know your own body through dance and what emotional benefits this can bring you.

Creativity through dance

At TMoves we promote creativity through dance. This is manifested by that feeling of freedom that makes you feel that nothing else matters except the present moment. “That moment of creation is very important for me, because it is one of the reasons why I like to dance. After warming up, after the process of repeating a choreography, after interpreting sequences of steps, after all these moments when the body warms up very well, the relaxation follows, through creation, through the feeling of freedom, when I follow my instinct and let myself be guided by emotion and sometimes, but not always, by music“, says Laura.

Why should you pay attention to this kind of creativity?

Because it has the ability to make your life more beautiful. It offers joy, well-being, optimism, greater self-knowledge. The contact with our body, the relationship with ourselves develops very harmoniously in this type of creativity, through dance.

What important things can we discover about ourselves if we stimulate our creativity through dance?

“By stimulating creativity through dance we can discover about ourselves that we are more ambitious than we thought we were, more motivated, that we ourselves are a source of energy, we discover feelings of pure joy and the fact that we are able to do whatever we want.” said Laura.

What in dance really helps us to be creative?

Along with this freedom comes a feeling of fear, a fear that we will make mistakes, but that is creativity, the courage to overcome this obstacle produced by the mind, that we will not be good enough, that our ideas are not good. We have to have courage, to follow our heart, our inspiration, because we will certainly have very beautiful results, and in the end we will say: “Look, I have achieved this, it is my merit, I have been able to create something and I I like it!”, Laura also told us.

Areas in which creative dance can give the best results

Through creative dance you can have very good results in any field. Dancing makes your life more beautiful, more colourful. By practising creative dance, you become more confident in your own strengths, no matter what field you belong to.

Dance or meditation? What should we know about them?

These two practices intersect, especially in contemporary dance. “I recommend that people dance wherever and whenever they feel the need. Either in the morning, at noon or in the evening, or when they are alone in the room or next to other people, or for example when they cook and make some salsa moves. But for a professional level, I recommend them to find a mentor, a dance teacher, an instructor, to guide their steps, to explain to them what a correct posture means and for many other things. Dancing means discipline, it means teamwork, if not with other participants, with the team you make with your body, a balanced relationship between mind, body and soul”.

Recommendations for those who claim that they do not know how to dance

“I recommend them to try,” says Laura. “I’ve been told many times, ‘But I don’t know how to dance!’ We certainly know, but maybe we didn’t listen to the right song for the body to start dancing, or the environment wasn’t right. It is an act that must come from the heart, and come with joy. A natural state.

Maybe you haven’t found your own dance style, or you didn’t have the courage to try several dance styles to see which one suits you best: contemporary dance, folk dance, classical dance, ballroom, etc. You shouldn’t think that someone is judging you, or that you don’t know how to dance as well as others. You need to have a different perspective, to try to dance in order to free yourself from the daily stress, to enter another world. This way you will start to care more about how you really feel.

If you also want to feel free, brave, to create and discover how many wonderful qualities you gain through dance, we are waiting for you at our creative dance programs. For registration click here.


Managing emotions through dance-therapy and creative dance

Managing emotions through dance-therapy and creative dance

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